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BSAP : Biological Safety Association of Pakistan
The Organization

Biological Safety Association of Pakistan – (BSAP) is a non- profit organization that is an affiliate of PSM, the leader in the profession of biological safety which was established in 1974. As a result of various International Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Programs, organized during SIBC- 2007, National Hands–on Training Workshop in Islamabad and later in Karachi and Atlanta- USA under the auspices of Pakistan Society for Microbiology (PSM), some of the Biosafety Professionals worked out to launch an association under the flag of PSM to address the Biosafety issues at different levels. Thus, BSAP was launched in a meeting of local area members of Biosafety professionals working in various institutions of Pakistan, with interest in the safety of research using microorganisms and recombinant DNA.

This organization benefits from the unique knowledge base found in Karachi - the metropolitan city of Pakistan which is host to many universities, private and public sector research centers and biotechnology related businesses of all sizes.

BSAP is dedicated to expanding biological safety awareness to prevent adverse occupational illness and adverse environmental impact from infectious or biologically derived materials / biohazards.
Biological Safety Association of Pakistan Goals :

  • Foster and promote professional and public awareness of biological safety through effective communication.

  • Participate in the development of national and international biological safety Standards, guidelines, and regulations.

  • Interact with ABSA to help advance biological safety as a scientific discipline through education, research and training and to maintain standards for biological safety professionals.

  • Serve as recognized resource for professionals and scientific expertise in biological safety and security.


  • Organize monthly / quarterly seminar meetings featuring speakers addressing current topics of interest to membership, attendance outside of the membership will be encouraged

  • Arrange local tours for the members to provide them an opportunity to visit local facilities featuring state of the art technology applicable to maintain biosafety and biocontainment

  • Provide local forums to share biological safety information and to represent the interests of persons involved with biological safety within its membership and with members of other organizations

  • Arrange for participation of members in conferences / training courses organized by BSAP/ ABSA and other international biosafety organizations
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