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Although immunology and infectious diseases are old disciplines, it is only in the last few decades that their interactions have become the focus of intense research world wide. The recent explosion of knowledge in immunology and infectious agents has expanded our horizons and provided new insights into host defense. There is growing recognition of the singular importance of immune response as determinants of health and disease. The last few years have been characterized by very rapid advances in our understanding of molecular genetics of immunoglobulins, T-cell receptor, T-cell subsets and cytokines interplay in infectious diseases.

In order to provide leadership in the development of rapid diagnostic methods and application of new biotechnologies for infectious disease research to meet future need of industry, a proposal was developed for the establishment of institute of Immunology and Infectious Disease Research in the Department of Microbiology, Karachi University.

In addition to conducting innovative basic/applied research in field of a) Immunology and Infectious Diseases b) Immuno-diagnostic reagents c) New antimicrobial agents and their Immunopharmacology, it was also proposed to provide a forum for update courses, seminars and symposia in Immunology/Microbiology for exchange of ideas and experiences among scientist committed to the advancement of knowledge particularly in field of Immunology and Microbiology.

Research work carried out at IIDRl has been extensively published and presented at several international meetings held in USA, Mexico,Canada, Bangladesh, Thialand, Srilanka, Sweden, Belgium, China, Japan and Kazakistan
Research Scholar Dr. Shazia from Immunology and Infectious Disease Research Laboratory (IIDRL-KU), Deptt of Microbiology, University of Karachi received Best Student Oral Presentation award from Pakistan Society of Microbiology on the occasion of NIBC-PSM 2013, held at HEJ-University of Karachi. "
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